Tondra Bilash By Humayun Ahmed

Tondra Bilash is one of the most favourite novels of Misir Ali Series written by Humayun Ahmed who is a popular Bengali writter. Writing Misir Ali series novel, Humayun Ahmed got both fame and money. Misir Ali series books became the first choice of all walks of the readers.. As we always try to provide direct download link all kinds of Pdf Bangla Book, Now you can read or download Tondra Bilash Novel of Humayun Ahmed Misir Ali books as a pdf file that is completely free for every readers

Tondra Bilash  By Humayun Ahmed Books PDF Download
Tondra Bilash  By Humayun Ahmed Books PDF Download

Detail Info of Tondra Bilash Book

  • Book's Name: Tondra Bilash
  • PDF File Size: 5.69 MB
  • Writer's Name: Humayun Ahmed
  • Book's Category: Novel
  • Series of the Book: Misir Ali
  • Book's Publisher:  Dibboprokash
  • Published Year: May 2005
  • Total Pages: 96 pages

Humayun Ahmed's Tondra Bilash Book Review 

Tondra Bilas is one of the simple books of twenty Misir Ali Series written by the Bangladeshi writer Humayun Ahmed. In this series,  Humayun Ahmed created a fictional psychiatrist character named Misir Ali who is a part time professor of Psychology and always tries to solve any Mystery. If you want to read this book, please download the PDf file of this Misir Ali Series books "Tondra Bilash"and enjoy this.

Tondra Bilash  By Humayun Ahmed Books PDF Download

Dear Readers! you can easily make Humayun Ahmed Tondra Bilash of Misir Ali Series books PDF Download from our site by clicking on the Download button given below.


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